My Story (continued)

My Life as an Editor

I loved working in the library, but I sensed that there was more to the world of books and words and ideas than I might find there. So one day, I opened the door, stepped out …

… and walked into the world of educational publishing, where I soon became an editor. Suddenly, I was going to editorial meetings, discussing manuscripts, meeting writers and book designers, and thinking a lot about how to make books that children would like to read at school. It was a very different world than the one I had left.

When an opening came up to work at OWL, a Canadian children's magazine, I knew that was where I wanted to be. At OWL, I learned to edit manuscripts very quickly, to work under tight deadlines, and to make the words and pictures in the magazine work together in the best possible way, so that kids would really look forward to reading every single page of the magazine. Being the Editor of OWL, like being a children's librarian, was excellent training for being a children's author.

This is one of the issues of OWL that I edited. All together, I edited over 40 issues of this magazine!

My Life Today

For the past 15 years, since leaving OWL, I’ve written many books for children. I live with my husband, Michael, and our son, Benjamin, in Toronto in a tree-lined neighborhood that reminds me a little of where I grew up in Kingston. I’m pleased to report that, these days, Benjamin knows more about pioneers than he did when he first asked me about my early years, and – more importantly – he loves books and stories and reading just as much as I did back then, and still do today.