My Story

My Early Life Not So Long Ago

Once upon a time, I was a little girl growing up in Kingston, Ontario in Canada. (“Was that back in the pioneer days?” my son asked once when he was small. He looked so hopeful, so pleased at the thought of this rather exotic possibility that I hated to tell him no, I hadn't been born that long ago …)

I loved to go to the Kingston Public Library and listen to the children's librarian read books out loud. Hearing her tell stories gave me the idea that I'd like to share books and words and ideas with others too, when I grew up.
In the meantime, I read … and read … and read …

I gobbled up words wherever I found them: on cereal boxes, in magazines, and in my favorite books.

Long after I left the library, I edited this children’s book about libraries and books.

My Life as a Children's Librarian

I went on to study literature at the University of Toronto and after graduation, I attended “library school.” At library school (real name: Faculty of Library and Information Science, University of Toronto,) I studied librarianship and received a master's degree in library science.

While working for the Toronto Public Library, I learned the most important things every children's librarian has to know: how to put on a really entertaining puppet show; how to fix the film projector when it breaks down; how to lead a successful storytime for babies and toddlers; how to comfort a lost child; and – most important of all – how to be an ambassador for the world of books, just like that librarian in Kingston had been for me.   (cont …)